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paragraph noun [ˈperəˌgræf]
  • a part of a piece of writing that usually deals with one subject, that begins on a new line, and that is made up of one or more sentences
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hindsight noun [ˈhaɪndˌsaɪt]
  • the knowledge and understanding that you have about an event only after it has happened
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fraction noun [ˈfrækʃən]
  • a number (such as 1/2 or 3/4) which indicates that one number is being divided by another; also : a number (such as 3.323) that consists of a whole number and a decimal
  • a part or amount of something
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mention verb [ˈmɛnʃən]
  • to talk about, write about, or refer to (something or someone) especially in a brief way
  • to refer to or suggest (someone) as having a possible role or status
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saber noun []
  • a long, heavy sword with a curved blade
  • a lightweight sword that is used in fencing
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duel noun [ˈduːwəl]
  • a fight between two people that includes the use of weapons (such as guns or swords) and that usually happens while other people watch
  • a situation in which two people or groups argue or compete with each other
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hysterical adjective [hɪˈsterɪkəl]
  • feeling or showing extreme and uncontrolled emotion : marked by hysteria
  • very funny
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palate noun [ˈpælət]
  • the top part of the inside of your mouth : the roof of your mouth
  • the sense of taste
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cleft noun [ˈklɛft]
  • a narrow space in the surface of something
  • a narrow area that looks like a small dent in someone's chin
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playdate noun [ˈpleɪˌdeɪt]
  • a time that parents arrange for their young children to play together
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homeschool verb [ˈhoʊmˌskuːl]
  • to teach your children at home instead of sending them to a school
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surgery noun [ˈsɚʤəri]
  • medical treatment in which a doctor cuts into someone's body in order to repair or remove damaged or diseased parts (chiefly US)
  • the area in a hospital where surgery is performed
  • a place where a doctor or dentist treats people
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petrify verb [ˈpɛtrəˌfaɪ]
  • to make (someone) very afraid
  • to slowly change (something, such as wood) into stone or a substance like stone over a very long period of time
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ordinary adjective [ˈoɚdəˌneri]
  • normal or usual : not unusual, different, or special
  • neither very good nor very bad : not very impressive
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snuggle verb [ˈsnʌgəl]
  • to lie or sit close together in a comfortable position
  • to place (something) close to or against someone or something : nestle
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dachshund noun [ˈdɑːksˌhʊnt]
  • a small type of dog that has a long body, very short legs, and long ears
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contagious adjective [kənˈteɪʤəs]
  • able to be passed from one person or animal to another by touching
  • having a sickness that can be passed to someone else by touching
  • capable of being easily spread to others : causing other people to feel or act a similar way