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precision noun [prɪˈsɪʒən]
  • the quality of being precise : exactness or accuracy —often used after with
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raisin noun [ˈreɪzn̩]
  • a dried grape used for food
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glimpse verb [ˈglɪmps]
  • to look at or see (something or someone) for a very short time —sometimes used figuratively
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scrawny adjective [ˈskrɑːni]
  • very thin in a way that is not attractive or healthy
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upbeat adjective [ˈʌpˌbiːt]
  • positive and cheerful : happy and hopeful
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dwell verb [ˈdwɛl]
  • to live in a particular place
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fond adjective [ˈfɑːnd]
  • feeling or showing love or friendship : affectionate
  • strongly felt
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linger verb [ˈlɪŋgɚ]
  • to stay somewhere beyond the usual or expected time
  • to continue to exist as time passes —often + on
  • to remain alive while becoming weaker—usually + on
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drift noun [ˈdrɪft]
  • a slow and gradual movement or change from one place, condition, etc., to another
  • a large pile of snow or sand that has been blown by the wind
  • the general or basic meaning of something said or written
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timid adjective [ˈtɪməd]
  • feeling or showing a lack of courage or confidence
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acorn noun [ˈeɪˌkoɚn]
  • the nut of the oak tree
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plop verb [ˈplɑːp]
  • to fall, drop, or move with a sound like something dropping into liquid
  • to drop (something) into a liquid so that it makes a splashing sound
  • to sit or lie down in a heavy or careless way : to allow your body to drop heavily or carelessly
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toadstool noun [ˈtoʊdˌstuːl]
  • a kind of fungus that is similar to a mushroom, that consists of a round cap on a short stem, and that is often poisonous
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flyblown adjective [ˈflaɪˌbloʊn]
  • in poor and dirty condition : made dirty by flies : not suitable for eating
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explore verb [ɪkˈsploɚ]
  • to look at (something) in a careful way to learn more about it : to study or analyze (something)
  • to talk or think about (something) in a thoughtful and detailed way
  • to learn about (something) by trying it
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overgrown adjective []
  • covered with plants that have grown in an uncontrolled way
  • grown to a size that is unusually or too large
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cramp noun [ˈkræmp]
  • a sudden painful tightening of muscle in a part of the body (US) (Brit)
  • sharp pains in the stomach and the area near it especially because of menstruation